1. Negative Reinforcement

There are lots of different ways that you can train your dog to behave through negative reinforcement, such as an electric collar or squirt gun. While some of these methods are slightly controversial among dog owners, they can be very effective. Electric shock collars have been proven to be successful in training many different types of dogs, including Pomeranians, and they don’t do any real harm to them. Using a squirt gun to squirt your dog every time it misbehaves can also help with preventing problems like begging for food and excessive barking.

  1. Positive Reinforcement

It is also a good idea to use positive reinforcement when your dog does something it is supposed to. Positive reinforcement could mean giving your dog a treat or giving it verbal praise, like saying “good boy!” It is very important that you implement positive reinforcement when it is deserved so that your dog knows that it is being rewarded in some way for good behavior.

Although there are lots of different ways that you can train your Pomeranian, you will need to try some of them out to find one that works the best; sometimes combining various training methods can be the most effective route to take.