Pomsky’s are an adorable, loyal and protective hybrid breed. Not only are they very good-looking but they are also excellent guard dogs with their strong loud barks, and will alert you when someone is approaching the door long before that person arrives. With a Pomsky addition to your home, your family can build a bond of a long lasting friendship with this loyal partner.

Still need a reason to get a Pomsky? Here are 6 more!

1. Awesome and Good-Natured Personality

Both the Husky and Pomeranian have awesome personalities and the Pomsky combines both personalities into a wonderful combination. The Husky is very gentle while the Pomeranian is very energetic but gentle.

The Pomsky inherits the characteristic of boths dogs and is very playful, friendly and will make a great companion for humans of all ages. Pomskies are usually competitive by nature and you will have a wonderful time witnessing their playful yet competitive nature in action. They will keep you lively and you will never regret having purchase this wonderful dog.

2. Great With Kids and Other Pets

Do you have kids and other pets? Then no need to worry, Pomskies are quite friendly and will with get along well with your kids as well as any other pets you might have. Pomskies are very cute and cuddly so need to worry about your kids not loving them. Your kids will love and adore them and they will love your kids in return as well as make great companions for them. They are very affectionate and love to cuddle especially when they are tired. They are very intelligent, active and are keen on taking part in games, making them great choices for energetic kids. They are also obedient and are playful without being overly agitated.

3. Very Loyal and Useful

They are very dedicated to owners and will protect your kids from certain dangers. As they interact more with you and your kids, they will become very loyal and useful to you. They will make great pets for whole families.

4. Easy to Take Care Of

They are very athletic and will need daily exercise. Because of their small sizes, this should be easily done while playing with them in the home or yard. They are not wild or fussy about their daily habits, thus it is easy to keep one at home. They tend to groom themselves just like the Husky so there is no need to regularly bathe them. You will only have to bathe them once or twice a month. Their high level of intelligence means they are easy to potty train, and train to other commands. Training will also keep them well-behaved throughout their lives. They will require regular dental cleaning by a professional dentist as they are prone to teeth losses from plaque. Caring for a Pomsky will be a very easy job as it requires little time and money.

5. Elegant Designer Dogs

They are very attractive and elegant because of their long coat-like feature and their fox-like head. Their blue Husky-eyes will make you fall in love with them even more. They are truly adorable and you will love pampering them. They make great designer dogs and you can dress them up and be the envy of other dog lovers with your Pomsky. One special characteristic of the Pomsky is that they make great therapy dogs and will make you feel better when you are stressed, sick or just feeling down. They also respond well to people with autism and will make great companions for them.

6. Small Sizes

They are very small in size and will not grow to be very large (only to about 19 to 29 pounds depending on their parents). No need to worry about having a large yard to accommodate them, their small sizes allows for them to be accommodated in the your house. They can run and play in small yards and in the home.When choosing a Pomsky, you need to know the size, fur type and temperament of the dog you will be getting. If you are seeking some particular stuff, you should talk to the breeders you trust about some details relating to your purchase.

These puppies are different from each other in most cases and it is best you that you find out about the particular dog you are being sold. Make sure you receive some kind of paperwork with your purchase to avoid being scammed. Pomskies are great dogs and will make you wonderful pets. Get One Today! Click here for our puppies for sale page and click here for our breeders list!