If you have a Siberian husky and need to train it, you will definitely want to be aware of the various methods that you can use. There is no single, universally effective way to train one of these dogs, so it is somewhat a matter of trial and error. You will need to find the method that works best for your dog.

  1. Establishing Your Dominance

It is very important that you establish dominance with your dog so that they learn to obey you as early on as possible. Always make sure that you walk through the door first when you are getting back home from a walk. You will also need to make certain that you are always the one in control of the toy at the end of every play session.


  1. Crate Training

Another good method of training your dog involves the use of a crate. At first you will want to put your dog in the crate for just a few minutes to let it get used to being inside. Make sure that you keep your dog in the crate during meal time and let it sleep in there as well. Buy a crate that is the right size so they will have enough room.