6) Will the puppy be provided with information on vaccinations, feedings and worming?

A proper breeder will provide information on the health and well-being of your pet. From working to vet visits and feeding schedules, the breeder should provide all of this information to you. The health aspects are of course important but so is the feeding schedule. The pet can be very sensitive to diet changes so you must be sure to use the same feeding schedule and food items to keep your puppy happy and healthy as it transitions to your home from the breeders.

7) At what age can you pick up your new puppy?

It is recommended that a puppy be picked up by 8 weeks of age from the breeder. It is important to find out when the breeder will be allowing you to pick up your puppy. You need to know the age range to ensure health as well as ensure the proper training of the animal. Any breeder who is allowing you to pick up the puppy at an earlier or later time frame will need to be questioned further.

Ask these questions and any more you feel appropriate to be able to make the proper decision when purchasing a new Siberian Husky for your family.