AMS Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On August 26, 2015, Last Updated On March 23, 2017

AMS Pomskies Breeder Profile

AMS Pomskies breeds both Siberian Husky and Pomsky puppies in Indiana; AMS breeds genetically sound dogs that have good temperaments and are also nicely marked. There are many photos to see on their website of their pomskies which cost between $2,500 and $3,500. If you need more information or have any questions email AMS and visit their website.


Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Indiana, USA
Phone number: 574-248-2615


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  3. Patti

    Hi we are very interested in adopting and adding to our family, after viewing so many sites many do not allow you to chose your puppy in person, we believe this is how it s is done both puppy and parent will gravitate to one another. Please tell me this is possible, we are in IL would love to visit you and see who is available. We will await for a response or you may contact us at above email and will then send you our phone #
    Thank you
    Patti & Doug

    • Jason Gest

      Hey Patti,

      You’re definitely right about being allowed to choose your puppy in person I also feel like it’s an important part of buying a Pomsky or any dog! Unfortunately we are not AMS Kennel, if you’d like to contact them then scroll up and use the contact information provided to get in touch with them. In addition I’m sure you’d be happy to know that we have a list of puppies for sale that is updated every week from various breeders and we also have a breeders list with 60+ Pomeranian Husky breeders from the USA alone!
      Hope you find yourself a Pomsky!


    • margaret

      Hi there! I am the owner of AMS kennel. I saw you were looking for a pomsky. We are expecting a litter in may if youre still looking for one.

    • Jason Gest

      Thank you, Margaret! If you would like your litter to be added to our puppies for sale -page, drop me a message at jason at

    • Jason Gest

      Hey again Margaret,

      Absolutely! I have updated the listing page. Let me know if you need anything else.

  4. Margaret Ritter

    I’m looking for a pomsky. I’ve wanted one for over 5 years now. It’s just hard cause everytime I think I’ve found one someone has beat me to that puppy. I’ve found several thay was 959 and lost the chance of owning the puppy each time. I lost my husky in May and it’s broke my heart so badly. I so loved him. How much do you sell your puppies for? When are you expecting another litter please? Do you have a waiting list or anything like that? Thank you for your time. My information is email call number is 765-561-3755. If I don’t answer please leave a voice mail or text me. I work weird hours and athen times don’t have cell signal or can’t answer my phone at the time.

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