Costal Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On August 23, 2015, Last Updated On February 21, 2016

Costal Pomskies Breeder Profile

Costal Pomskies also known as Arizona Pomskies is one of the most trusted Pomsky breeders around as they treat all their dogs very well to ensure customers they are getting a high quality and healthy Pomsky puppy. To get a dog you must fill out a form on their “contact page” and wait for an email back and then set up a phone interview. Customers can expect to spend up to $3500 for a dog and up to $100 for delivery however you can receive discounts if you are a veteran with proof, a repeat customer, or if you are buying more than one dog at a time.

Email: Contact Us
Location: Arizona
Phone number: N/A


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