It is very important to potty train your dog if you have just gotten a new one, and there are numerous approaches that you can take when doing this. Housetraining a dog requires quite a bit of work and dedication on your part, so you will have to be patient and work with your pet to get them to start going to the bathroom outside instead of in the house.

You will need to establish a routine with your dog and keep them on a regular schedule, taking them outside to go to the bathroom at certain times throughout the day. A puppy can usually control its bladder one hour for every month of age. If your puppy is two months old, for example, it will only be able to hold it for around two hours. You will not want to wait longer than this between bathroom breaks, because otherwise you could risk having a big mess to clean up. If you work outside of your home, you will need to either have someone you know come over to take it outside to go to the bathroom or hire someone to do it for you.

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Keep in mind that you will need to take your dog outside frequently so they can go to the bathroom and learn the routine quickly. The sooner your dog begins learning this routine, the sooner it will start knowing to ask to go outside when it needs to do its business. You will also want to make a point of keeping a close eye on your dog when it is in the house, as you do not want them soiling your floors.