Many people choose to crate train their dogs when trying to teach them to go to the bathroom outside. If you are going to use this method it is very important that you buy a crate that is large enough for your pet so that it has enough room. Take the time to look for a crate that your dog will be comfortable in so they don’t get too anxious while they are inside. Make sure that you interrupt your puppy when you catch it going to the bathroom in the house so they know they are doing something that is unacceptable.

Startle your pet with some sort of noise if you catch it doing its business anywhere in the house; this can mean saying “Outside!” very loudly or something else. Make sure that you respond consistently each time you catch your dog going to the bathroom in the house so it will quickly learn not to do that anymore. You will never want to punish your dog for going to the bathroom in the house, as it is too late to correct it with any sort of punishment. You will also want to make a point to clean the soiled areas inside your home thoroughly so there is less of a chance that your dog will do it again.


You can use newspaper for the designated area inside your house that you have for your dog when it needs to go to the bathroom. Make sure that you put down several layers of newspaper or some other disposable material so your floors do not get soiled at all. During the process of housetraining your dog, you will want to keep it on a leash while in the yard. You will only want to give your dog more freedom in the yard as well as the house once it has demonstrated that it knows the proper behaviors.