Katiebrooke Kennels

Written By Jason Gest On August 26, 2015, Last Updated On May 12, 2017

Pomsky Breeder in Ireland

Katiebrooke Kennels is a family run business that has been around since 2007 and is also licensed.  They give their puppies plenty of care and time and also provide a unique worldwide delivery service. If you are interested in a puppy you need to check out their site to see if anything is available and if there is a puppy you like then go about contacting the breeders as stated on the website.


Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Limerick, Ireland, UK
Phone number:  International (00353) 86 025 8892 & Ireland (086) 025 8892
Site: http://katiebrookekennels.com/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/katiebrookekennel


  1. hi my name is linda and am interested in getting a pomsky and am just wondering what price they are and if I would get papers with the dog I have 3 children and wondering if they are family friendly. Are they appropriate for living inside. I live in Kildare, Ireland. Thank you.

    • Jason Gest

      Hey Linda,

      Pomskies can cost anywhere from $1500 – $5000 and you should get all paperwork when purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder. They are also quite friendly with kids and are appropriate for living inside as long as you take them out when required. Unfortunately we are not breeders, however if you would like to get in contact with Katiebrooke Kennels just look above and check out their site or give them an email. If you are looking for more breeders you can check out our list of European breeders and our puppies for sale page; here are the links https://pomeranian-husky.com/pomsky-breeders-in-europe/ and https://pomeranian-husky.com/pomsky-puppies-for-sale/

      Hope you find a Pomsky soon!


  2. claudette

    Hello, my nsme is Claudette. I really would like to take care of hasky/pomeridian crossbreed or red with blue eyes or dirty white with blue eyes. Hoping somebody will help me in this matter. I sincerelly do not know where shall I find it. I’m living in Europe but I’m able to go anywhere for this dog.
    Thank you in advance for any of you that can help me.
    Best regards Claudette

    • Jason Gest

      Hi Claudette,

      Thanks for messaging us! To get a faster response, you should contact Katiebrooke Kennels directly. They may not read these comments frequently.

      Best of luck getting a Pomsky! 🙂