Pommer Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On August 22, 2015, Last Updated On February 21, 2016

Pommer Pomskies Breeder Profile

Pommer Pomskies does not have a site however shoot them a message on Facebook or send them an email if you have any questions. You can see videos and pictures of some of their dogs on their Facebook timeline. AKC registered prices for the puppies range from $2500-$3500.

Email: pommerville2013@yahoo.com
Location:  Yankton, SD
Phone number:(605) 660-5838
Site: Only Facebook
Social: https://www.facebook.com/PommerPomskies


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    • Jason Gest

      Hey Rebecca,

      Unfortunately we are not a breeder, however you can check out our list of Pomeranian Husky breeders that features over 60 breeders from the USA. Simply go through the list and find a breeder in your area and then click on the breeders name and a new page will open where you will find contact details and additional information. https://pomeranian-husky.com/list-of-pomsky-breeders/

      Good luck finding yourself a Pomsky companion!


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