Pomskies are great dogs to have as pets however they also are also expensive which is why you should take precaution when searching for a breeder. A couple do’s and don’t’s when it comes to pomsky breeders go as follows:

Don’t buy a pomsky from someone who won’t show you medical information about the pup that you’re inquiring about along with information about his/her’s parents.
Do ask for all paperwork pertaining to purchasing your pomsky including medical information and all licenses.
Do ask for referrals and even go as far and call them to understand what kind of breeder you’re dealing with.

Don’t do business with breeders who won’t accept payments other than cash; this should raise red flags as a breeder who only wants to you use cash probably doesn’t want any information leading back to them in case something happens with the pup.
Do ask for pictures of your pup with their parents to ensure that your pup is indeed a pomsky with one parent being a Pomeranian and one being a Husky.

I hope these tips are useful for all of you looking to purchase a pomsky! I will be updating the list of reputable pomsky breeders very soon so stay tuned and let me know if you know any good breeders or have any tips for searching for a pomsky breeder.

Update: Click here for our puppies for sale page and click here for our Pomsky breeders list with over 60 breeders!


Image from: http://ulocal.kitv.com/mediadetail/20145506-Blue-%26-Mumble’s-Pomsky-Puppies?gid=79867&uid=7826668&sort=upload%20DESC&offset=0