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Read informative articles for the perfect diet of a Pomeranian Husky breed. What are best treats for a Pomsky?

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10 Foods Not to Feed Dogs

 There are certain foods that you should never feed your dog and it is important to know what they are so you can preserve the overall health of your pet. Sugar Any foods that have sugar in them can be…

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6 Costs of Owning a Siberian Husky

 So you are considering purchasing a Siberian Husky. This type of dog is a great addition to any home but the decision to become an owner of such an animal does deserve consideration. Are you ready to care for a…

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Top 6 Treats For Your Pomsky

 Everyone including your Pomsky loves to eat treats, however similar to humans your pup also shouldn’t splurge on treats as they can add a lot of extra calories to your Pomsky’s diet. When feeding your dog treats you should take…


Pomeranian Husky – The Designer Dog You Would Love To Own

 The Pomeranian Husky is a ridiculously adorable hybrid dog mix between a Pomeranian purebred and a Husky purebred. It is classified as a designer dog mainly due to the fact that its parents come from two different purebred families. There…

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The Best Pomsky Treats!

 One of the more modern dog breeds is called the Pomsky. It is a cross breed between Pomeranians and Siberian huskies. More and more people have been falling in love these pups. Like their Pomeranian parents, they tend to be…

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Learn About The Quintessentially Cute Pomsky

 The Pomksy is the epitome of cuteness. Its small size, its thick and fluffy fur, and the Husky face make dog lovers swoon with adoration. The Pomsky is classified as a designer dog breed, that which is a combination of…