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Pomsky Grooming Products

The Pomsky is a breed that does need grooming. Maintaining their beautiful coat takes a little work. Doing a little grooming on your Pomsky at home is also great bonding time. Getting your Pomsky used to the routine will also…

Should You Consider Pet Insurance for a Pomsky?

Pomsky pups are far from “cheap.” When you buy a Pomsky, you may spend anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 on buying just the puppy. Then you have to take into consideration the health of the Pomsky. Veterinarian care may cost…

Two Pomsky playing

Do Pomskies Bark?

  Simple answer; yes, all dogs bark. But if you’re wondering how much a Pomsky barks, take a look at their parents. The lovely, but vocal, Siberian Husky, is one of them. As well as the compact, but alert, Pomeranian….

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5 Best Pomsky Games

5 Games to Play with Your Pomsky Pomsky owners love to spend time with their precious pets but what is there to do when the weather outside becomes gloomy or it is too cold to take your dog for a…

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5 Ways To Train Your Pomeranian Husky

5 Easiest Ways To Train Your Pomsky One of the most popular designer breeds in dogs today is the pomsky. A mix of husky and Pomeranian, the pomsky is a cute and cuddly dog that is sought after by individuals…

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Ideal Weather For A Pomsky

A pomsky is one of the cutest designer dogs that is being bred today, with individuals seeking out top breeders to have an authentic Pomeranian husky mix. The small dog is ideal for families as well as individuals who want…