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List of Pomsky Breeders Worldwide

Looking to buy or purchase a Pomsky? We’ll help you to find a trusted breeder. Choose your location below to find a Pomeranian Husky breeder and Pomsky puppies available for sale in your area. Choose your location for list of Pomsky breeders:…

Dog Food

The Best Pomsky Treats!

One of the more modern dog breeds is called the Pomsky. It is a cross breed between Pomeranians and Siberian huskies. More and more people have been falling in love these pups. Like their Pomeranian parents, they tend to be…

cost of a pomsky

7 Costs of Owning A Pomsky

Pomsky Price and Other Costs Involved Dogs have pretty much always been man’s best friend and now, thanks to advancements in genetics-related technology, there are now two types of dog breeds available to the public: Purebred dogs and crossbred dogs….

Sleeping Pomsky

5 Easiest Ways To Train Your Pomsky

The Pomsky is the latest in designer breeds for dogs. This particular dog is a mix of a Pomeranian and a Husky. The result of this mix in breeds is one of the cutest puppies ever. The Pomsky tends to…