TC Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On August 25, 2015, Last Updated On February 26, 2017

TC Pomskies Breeder Profile

TC Pomskies features a partnership with Curve Hill Pomskies, both breeders follow all procedures to ensure customers they will receive a premium quality Pomsky which will range from $2000-$3500 depending on weather the pup is a 50/50 split or a 25/75 Shipping the dog alone will cost $400-$500 extra and adding a pet nanny may cost $650+, however if you are in driving distance the puppy can be personally delivered however the new owner will have to pay for gas and a possible hotel room. No puppy will go home before 8 weeks and all Pomsky puppies from TC will come with a vet exam, shots, de-wormings, and a health certificate.


Location: Arizona, USA
Phone number: 661-313-7358


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  4. I am looking for a Pomeranian husky he was small and is looking for love evil family! I need a dog who will be good with other dogs and will be easy to maintain

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