As mentioned in my previous post there are many benefits to having dog toys as many toys can keep your dog busy for hours on end when you’re too caught up to entertain them.  Take a look at some great toys that will surely keep your pomsky busy!

  1. Kong: Once again as mentioned earlier the kong is a very popular toy and is a great way to keep your dog busy. Just fill it up with food and even freeze it and watch as your dog tries to get the food out! Kongs come in many different sizes and colours; you can see black and red ones below. Average cost: About $10
kong - Copy


  1. Dog casino: Now everyones heard about the dogs playing poker painting, so you should definitely check out the cool interactive “dog casino” created by Nina Ottosson. The toy features drawers which can be filled with treats; once your dog figures out how to open the drawer you can actually lock the drawer with a peg so he first has to remove the peg then open the drawer. This toy will surely keep your dog busy for hours! Click here to check out a video of this cool toy. Cost $30 on Amazon.


  1. The Tug A Jug: This toy features a jug with a rope that you fill with dry food such as kibble or treats. As your dog tugs and swings the Tug A Jug around the food will come out of a narrow hole.  Cost: $10


  1. The Toss-A-Lot: This octopus looking toy is quite durable and can be used as a fetch or a chew toy and it also features a squeaker, your pomsky will definitely love this toy! Cost $16


bob-a- - Copy

StarkMark Bob-A-Lot

  1. StarkMark Bob-A-Lot: This interactive toy features a weighted bottom along with a flap and sliding cover. The weight causes the toy to constantly wobble around and the cover and flap allow you to control how easily your dog can get the food out, keep the sliding door barely open for a challenge! Cost: $10


Let me know what your favorite dog toys are and if you have any of the toys listed above!



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