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Pomsky Price and Other Costs Involved

Dogs have pretty much always been man’s best friend and now, thanks to advancements in genetics-related technology, there are now two types of dog breeds available to the public: Purebred dogs and crossbred dogs. Despite the thousands of pure-bred dogs however, the cross-bred dogs practically double that number.

Being the proud owner of a hybrid animal is now the growing trend amongst many and every few years a new breed of dog becomes popular amongst these pet lovers and this year, is the year of the Pomsky.

A Pomsky puppy is a designer bred dog whose popularity is growing amongst dog lovers of the world. It is a cross-breed between a Pomeranian and a husky. Pomskies are no doubt one of the finest breeds of dogs available in the modern day, but the question remains, what are the costs of owning a Pomsky?



1. Cost: Buying your Pomsky

So how much are Pomsky puppies? Firstly, these pups are more expensive than average, and may be out of budget for the average buyer. As there are not many breeders available for them, they are considered quite rare and are always in demand, as a result, it is a small task to locate these dogs. Different breeders also tend to have their own asking prices for these animals and the cost of a Pomsky can typically run anywhere between $1000-$3000. Some of them even go for as high as $5000! Pomsky puppies that are smaller, and who also have blue eyes, go for even a higher premium price than the others. Added costs such as transportation of the puppy to their owners are sometimes not included in the price of the Pomsky itself and these can prove to be very hefty sums.

As the popularity of the Pomsky increases, these dogs might end up costing more in the future. Aside from their designer tag price however, these dogs can typically put the buyer out of an immeasurable amount of money every year.

2. Cost: Dog Toys (and maybe your shoes and furniture!)

Since it is not a pure-bred dog, its temperament can vary greatly depending on which characteristic the animal got from its parents. A Pomsky will normally have inherited little in the way of bad traits, and should not be a problem dog but they need to be kept busy. Toys and games for ones dog are expenses that cannot be escaped since they will begin to make toys out of shoes, socks and anything they can get their paws on.

Being idle is not an option for a Pomsky as they would get depressed or irritated and one may face expenses of refurbishing and replacing furniture and other household items as they would very well chew your furniture out of idleness. Dog-trainers may also be needed to teach dogs basic things such as learning to control their bladders in the house if one does not have the time nor patience to do it them self, since an untrained dog can cost their owners a small fortune in stain cleaners.

3. Cost: Cleaning

The size of a Pomsky cannot be predicted due to the fact that it is a mixed breed, therefore the features of these pets cannot be determined. The same is true for coloration and fur type. The puppy from various combinations will reflect its parentage. Their thick furs which is much more suitable for colder climates can cause them to retain much more dust and dirt than your average dog. Due to this, one may have to use grooming services quite frequently to keep their coats clean.



4. Cost: Dog Walkers

Pomskies are lively and loving little dogs and in the home they are quiet and sharp. They would easily adapt to the family and friends of their owners and would get adapted by ones family with warmth too. Because Pomsky puppies are a hybrid of two energetic breeds, they require quite a bit of attention. If one is considered to be a busy person or their job does not permit them to spend as much time with their Pomsky as they or it would like, one may have to pay for a dog walking service and also dog-sitters to help keep their pet happy and out of trouble.

5. Cost: Diet Dog Food

These dogs should be fed a low-fat diet that is full of nutrients that help them develop and maintain their luxurious coats. Items such as; white rice, chicken breast, and fish should be bought and included into their diet unless your otherwise indicated by a veterinarian. These items can prove to be very expensive and you may also have to integrate certain puppy-chows into their diets. Doggy-treats will also run up your dogs food bill as one may frequently want to reward their dogs for good behavior.

6. Cost: Health Care

There are no specific health issues found within this particular breed of dog, they are quite healthy and easy to maintain like other dog breeds. Just like any other dog though, they will have medical expenses such as vaccines and will require frequent visits to the dentist as they may inherit dental problems from its Pomeranian parent. They do however shed their fur. They shed their fur twice a year so as to grow new healthy fur. Aside from that however, Pomskies are medium to low shedders. Their fur-shedding periods however can find their owners spending tons of money on carpet and surface cleaners but of course one can simply go the more economical route and purchase a vacuum to keep the home clean.

7. Cost: Fence for Your Yard

If ones yard does not have a fence, one may find it to be a wise idea to invest money to build build a fence before the purchase of their Pomsky, as their dog can easily escape. Miscellaneous costs such as crates, car restraints and beds for one’s Pomsky and items such as food bowls, collars, leashes, deworming and heart-worm medicines and shampoos all need to be bought for ones Pomsky; and the costs of licensing ones Pomsky should all be taken into consideration before the purchase of this animal.

A Pomsky puppy is possibly without a doubt, one of the most dangerous sights a dog lover could ever lay eyes upon, simply because they are so adorable but, surely they are worth it!


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