Pomsky Breeders in USA

Written By Jason Gest On August 26, 2015, Last Updated On February 27, 2017

Below is our list of known Pomsky breeders in the USA. You can search the list by state to find one close to you. You can also click the breeder’s name from the list to learn more about them, such as contact information and social media profiles.

This is the largest list of US based Pomeranian Husky breeders online that includes almost all breeders that are selling Pomskies. But as the amount of breeders changes constantly we cannot guarantee that the information is 100% correct. We absolutely recommend our readers and interested buyers to research on their own for each breeder about trustworthiness and their history.


Featured Pomsky Breeders

Breeder Location:
Purebred Pomsky Kansas City, Missouri
Acacia Pomskies Northern California
Pomsky Perfection Wisconsin
Playful Pomskies Michigan



Pomeranian Husky Breeder

Breeder Location:
Blue Sky Pomskies Birmingham, Alabama
Rose Peek Pomskies Prescott, Arizona
Royal Pomskies Scottsdale, Arizona
Arctic Design Pomskies Arizona
Costal Pomskies Arizona
Pure Pomskies Tulare, California
Northern California Pomskies Grass Valley, California
Cen-Cal Pomskies Madera, California
Vaca Valley Pomskies Sacramento, California
TC Pomskies California
Acacia Pomskies Northern California
Pomsky Puppies Punta Gorda, Florida
Pomsky Palace Cape Coral, Florida
Midwest Pomskies Illinois/Ohio
American Pomsky Illinois
AMS Pomskies Bremen, Indiana
SZ Pomskies Central Iowa
Maine Aim Ranch Dogs Allerton, Iowa
Lakeshore Pomskies Iowa
Precious Pomskies  Topeka, Kansas
Curve Hill Pomskies Nicholasville, Kentucky



Pomeranian Husky Breeder:

Breeder Location:
Avalanche Pomskies Paris, Kentucky
Pomsky Connection Dorr, Michigan
Frozen River Pomskies Michigan
Skywatcher Kennels Kimball, Minnesota
Purebred Pomsky Kansas City, Missouri
Loveable Pomskies Maysville, Missouri
Southern Missouri Pomskies West Plains, Missouri
Pomsky Lover Norfolk, Nebraska
Cottonwood Pomskies York, Nebraska
Pomsky Pups New York, New York
Providence Pomskies Kettering, Ohio
Bear Creek Kennels Alva, Oklahoma
Southern Charm Pomskies Tulsa, Oklahoma
Portland Pomskies Portland, Oregon
Whistle Hill Pomskies Stevens, Pennsylvania
Pommer Pomskies Yankton, South Dakota
Smoky Mountain Pomskies Christiana, Tennessee
Apex Pomskies Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Middle Tennessee Pomskies Nashville, Tennessee
Paramount Pomskies Nashville, Tennessee
Salt Valley Pomskies Draper, Utah



Pomeranian Husky Breeder:

Breeder Location:
Pomsky USA Houston, Texas
Lollipop Pomskies Vernal, Utah
Pomsky Northerns Utah
Pomskies Gloucester, Virginia
Bow Tie Pomsky Spokane Valley, Washington
Lush Pomsky Puppies Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Pomsky Perfection Wisconsin
Pomsky Pups USA
Elite Pomskies USA
Lancaster Puppies USA
Unique Pomsky Kennel USA
Lancaster Puppies USA
Oxsana Perfect Pomsky USA
Patriot Pomskies USA


Pomsky tops the list of the cutest dog for many after it came into limelight in 2013. And why not? – The new designer fashion breed is a treat to look at. These intelligent, playful and small sized dogs are perfect for families looking for a small cute dog for their children.

But here is the problem. Pomeranian Husky is an expensive dog which is also in demand. Providing an opportunity to scammy breeders to get some quick money by selling puppies that are not Pomskies. As the designer breed is new, there is not much history and information about the fully grown Pomsky, this lack of knowledge often help scammers.


Buying a Pomsky? Here is a great article on our blog you must read to avoid any scams.


So how do we make sure to not to get scammed? It is simple, by learning about the traits and physical characteristics of Pomsky puppies before going out for shopping. For this, you can use our website and blog articles which is the best and most detailed online resource on Pomsky dogs.

Or if you don’t have time for online research, make sure you are buying from the well established and recognized breeder.


Fortunately, Cute Pomsky has already created the world largest list of breeders for Pomsky.


But if you are from the US and looking specifically for breeders in the US, we also have a list for you.

We have added every breeder in the list to make it convenient for our readers to find the nearest one. For well received and recognized breeders, we have added our comments based on the online feedback and past experiences but we still recommend your personal research into business ethics followed by each breeder.

Cute Pomsky is not affiliated with any breeder and the sole purpose of this list is to provide buyers an opportunity to find their nearest breeders within seconds. You can also compare each breeder and contact them using the personal information provided under each listed breeder.

Please feel free to share your experience with us with any breeder in the list. We will make sure to add your experience to help other buyers take an informed decision.

We hope you find the most suitable puppy for the best price from your favorite Pomsky breeder.



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    • Jason Gest

      Hey Ernesto,

      Unfortunately we are not a Pomsky breeder, however you’re on the right page, just find a breeder that’s in the same state as you and then click on the breeder’s name and it will take you to a breeder profile with information on purchasing a Pomeranian Husky. Additionally if you are not from the USA check out this page https://pomeranian-husky.com/list-of-pomsky-breeders/ Good luck finding a Pomsky!


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  16. Melissa Speelman

    Hi. We would love to have a Pomsky to add to our family. Please let me know where I can find an adorable new family member.

    • Jason Gest

      Hey Melissa,

      Look through the list of breeders above and when you find a Pomsky breeder in your state or nearby to you just click on their name in blue and you will be directed to their profile which has contact information! You can also check out this page of Pomsky pups for sale, https://pomeranian-husky.com/pomsky-puppies-for-sale/
      Good luck finding a Pomeranian Husky!