Pomsky Breeder in Washington

Bowtie Pomsky has plenty of pictures and videos on their Facebook profile and are very transparent about their entire process. Their daily posts are really personal, and make it easy for people to see all their adults dogs, and especially puppies when new litters arrive. That helps people choose pups not only from pictures, but real live videos too see actual character traits of the puppies.

Their pups range from $4000-$6000, depending which waiting list you choose. The $6000 is to have first choice, pick of the litter and does include free shipping and a few more perks.

They are very selective whom they work with, and do require an application and phone call before being approved.

Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Spokane Valley, Washington, USA
Phone number: 206-556-9443
Site: https://bowtiepomsky.com/
Social: https://www.facebook.com/bowtiepomsky