So you just brought your pomsky home and you love your new pet and of course you want nothing but the best for your new friend. You’ve already spoiled your dog with the best toys, accessories, and so forth, but you still need a reputable vet to keep your pup healthy. Everyone wants a good veterinarian that they can count on however many people have trouble finding a good vet so here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself or your vet to ensure your dog gets the best care possible!
-Before doing anything you should check that the vet is accredited as only about 13% of animal hospitals in Canada and the United States are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Visit and look to the right of the page to search for a reputable vet in your area.

– Which hospital looks the cleanest and well organized?
– Does the staff seem helpful and caring?
– Would you have to be referred to a specialist for certain procedures such as an ultrasound or x-ray or can they be done at the selected hospital?
– Does the facility contain one veterinarian or more?
– What kind of emergency services are offered?


These are just a couple of things that you’ll want to consider when attempting to find the best place of care for your pomsky. Remember if you have any friends that have dogs or more specifically a pomsky you can also ask them about the vet they go to as it may save you some time.
Best of luck finding your pomsky a good animal hospital! 🙂



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