It’s a cold and gloomy day, the rain won’t stop pouring, the wind won’t stop blowing, and you and your beloved pomsky are getting bored. You have no idea what to do because you can’t take your dog out to the park or for a walk and your pomsky’s played with their toys for the last little while and you’re struggling to figure out how to keep them entertained and busy, but look no further because I’ve got a bunch of games you can play indoors to keep both of you engaged for hours!


1: Tug of War: Although tug of war is a basic game it actually has some benefits. While playing you can teach your dog to respond to “let go” and “get it” by rewarding your pomsky when he doesn’t grab the toy until you say get it and when he doesn’t let go unless you say so.

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2: Hide and Seek: This game isn’t only meant for young kids, you can play hide and seek with your dog too! Simply take some treats or a toy and show it to your dog then conceal it and as long as they know a command to find something or look for a hidden object say the magic words and watch as they start sniffing out the item you hid. You can try to help your dog verbally e.g. if he’s getting closer to the object say good job or getting close and when he finds the item praise and reward him and overtime your pomsky will get better at the game and will able to find whatever you hide quite fast.

3: Stairway Toss: Take your pomsky to the bottom of a set of stairs in your home and make him stay and then either place a toy at the top of the stairs and make him retrieve it or throw a ball up the stairs and let your pomsky chase after it! This game is a great way to make up for not being able to walk your pomsky outside as it can burn a lot of energy.

4: Obstacle Course: If you have enough space you could set up a cool little obstacle course in your basement or living room. Some ideas include:

  • Boxes with two openings to crawl through
  • A chair to jump on or run under
  • A blanket scrunched together or a box to jump over
  • Catching a ball

Above are just a few things you could do; get creative and if you can think of any of your own ideas definitely let me know in the comments!


5: Simon Says: This is the perfect game to play as long as your pomsky knows a few commands such as sit, stay, paw, and so forth. With a couple treats in your hand test to see if your dog can follow you as you command him to do different things; change up the order and reward your pomsky when he does as he’s told.