If you’ve been searching all over the web for Pomsky breeders in Canada you can end your search here! Although most of our breeders are from Calgary, we got you covered whether you’re looking for a breeder from Toronto, Montreal, or anywhere else because the breeders below will ship to you! Also if you’re not satisfied with the Canadian breeders we have listed then you can check our our large list of 60+ American breeders as most of them will also ship to anywhere in Canada for an additional fee.

Below is our list of known Pomsky breeders in Canada. You can search the list by province to find one close to you. You can also click the breeder’s name from the list to learn more about them.

Pomeranian Husky Breeder: Breeder Location:
Canadian Pomskies Calgary, Alberta
Chinkook Pomskies Calgary, Alberta
Posh Pomsky Toronto Toronto, Ontario


Currently our list of Canadian Pomsky breeders only contains three breeders, however we are constantly working to expand this list to be as large as possible. Additionally, if you know of any reputable Pomeranian Husky breeders in Canada, please let us know so we can expand the list to share with others.