Pomsky Breeder in Indiana

Unique Pomsky Kennels require a $100 deposit if you want to reserve your puppy. Your deposit will count towards the purchase of your puppy, and the remainder balance is needed before delivery. Should you decide not to have your puppy spayed, an extra fee of $ 200 is required as the contract states that your Pomksy puppy should be spayed at age 6 months. Their puppies are priced at $1,500. Pomeranians for sale with blue eyes, husky markings, and thicker coats will be priced higher. As Paypal is the easiest way of doing transaction over a long distance, an extra fee will apply if the Pomeranian Husky is to be shipped to its new home. It is beneficial that you get your puppy to a vet as soon as possible to ensure that it is still in top condition as transporting it from one place to another can expose the pup to unwanted germs.



Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Indiana, USA
Phone number: 260-350-8982 or 260-768-7866
Site: www.uniquepomskykennel.net
Social: www.facebook.com/Unique-Pomsky-Kennel-904869362932405