Written By Jason Gest On August 26, 2015, Last Updated On May 12, 2017

Pomsky Breeder in Virginia

Pomskies has a ton of high quality photos and videos on their website for you to check out. If you decide you would like a Pomsky you would have to pay fill out an application and once approved a a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure a puppy of your choice. Shipping is available upon request, for information on prices and any questions it’s best to contact the breeders by calling or emailing them.


Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Gloucester, Virginia, USA
Phone number: 757-810-3461
Site: http://www.pomskies.com/
Social: N/A


  1. Tracey Hughes

    I’d love to be able to get one of ur puppies do u have a payment option on these dogs like I could give u fifty dollars down and like around fifty dollars a month till I pay one of the pups off then I could pick or u could send me the puppy

    • Jason Gest

      Hey Tracey,

      It’s great that you’re looking for a way to get yourself a Pomsky, but unfortunately I’m not a breeder. If you scroll up there’s a phone number, site, and email address that you can use to contact the breeder to ask any questions that you have. Additionally if you would like more options when it comes to breeders I suggest you check out this list of 60+ breeders from the USA! https://pomeranian-husky.com/pomsky-breeders-in-united-states-america/
      I hope you end up getting a Pomsky soon, good luck!