Alpha Poms & Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On October 26, 2017, Last Updated On January 26, 2018

Pomsky Breeder in Georgia


Long-time Pomeranian breeders located in Ballground, Ga. They added Pomskies to their program in 2017 after 2 years of extensive research and working closely with their veterinarian to ensure top-quality and healthy puppies. Alpha Poms & Pomskies is located on a four-acre farm in Ball Ground with plenty of space for the parents and puppies to grow up in a safe, happy, and loving environment. All puppies come with CKC and IPA registration and are typically priced between $2500 $4000 depending on eye color, markings, and coat quality. If you buy a puppy from them, they are devoted to be lifelong mentors and partners with the puppy owners to ensure their babies have the greatest quality of life possible.


Alpha Poms & Pomskies offers shipping with a nanny to all major airports in the U.S.!



Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Georgia, USA
Phone Number: 678-557-3809 or 678-761-6364


  1. Wayne Reeves

    I am interested i a puppy, grey/white or brown/white male. The hitich is I live in Central Mexico.
    Is it recommended and/or difficult to send a baby puppy from GA to Mexico City? Thanks!
    Wayne Reeves

  2. Bolleret

    I’m interesting to buy one puppy male or female but we are living in Israel so first my question is: are you able to ship them ?
    This is for Christmas so this is for now.
    Best regards,

  3. John

    I’m interested in buying a Pomsky. My son has a Pomsky and I fell in love with this dog. She doesn’t bark at all unless something is wrong, which I love. I used to have a Pomeranian and she barked all the time which is very annoying. Is there anyway to know if I buy one if my Pomsky will not bark? This is huge with me. Thanks.

    • Jason Gest

      Hi John,

      Browse through our breeder directory, and I’m sure you’ll find a breeder near you. Though Pomskies are in such high demand, so you probably have to wait a while.

      I have written an article about Pomsky barking, check it out if you want to learn more:

      You might have success if you choose a puppy from a line that has more Husky than Pomeranian. However, that would also mean that the Pomsky would most likely grow larger than average.

      But I’m sure one of our professional breeders can help you out!


  4. Lizz

    Hi! I am very interested in purchasing a pomsky. Please email me as soon as possible. Thank you for you time.