Avalanche Pomskies

Written By Jason Gest On August 23, 2015, Last Updated On August 19, 2016

Avalanche Pomskies Breeder Profile

Avalanche Pomskies is a family kennel that also breeds dogs, currently they have 4 females that are old enough to breed. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required when Avalanche has confirmed a pregnancy and puppies must be paid in full prior to the dog reaching 6 weeks of age; first generation pups are $2500-$3000 and second generations cost $3500. Avalanche Pomskies does ship, but as a last resort they prefer that you fly in to pick up the puppy, alternatively they will drive a reasonable distance to meet you.

Email: avalanchepomskies@gmail.com
Location: Paris, KY
Phone number: 641-330-4294
Site: http://www.avalanchepomskies.com/


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