When it comes to breeding dogs there are many different mixes out there. A dog that has several breeds is typically called a mutt. However, when two dogs are purposely bred together in order to create a new breed of dog, a hybrid or designer breed can be created. In one particular case, the breeding of a Pomeranian with a husky has created one of the cutest dogs ever. This mix of breeds has become quite popular.

Whenever 2 breeds are crossed, the puppies often take the characteristics of both breeds. However, one of the breeds may tend to dominate. In the case of the pomsky, it seems that the puppies tend to have the muzzle and the head of a husky. The size of the dogs tends to be more of the Pomeranian, as they are rather small. The coat of the pomsky will vary. The dogs have curved tails, which is common for both of the breeds. The ancestors for both breeds of the dogs are from the Arctic. For this reason, the coat of the puppy is suited for weather that is frigid. The coat is thick and requires a good brushing every once in a while.

When it comes to designer breeds, the pomsky is one of the cutest. Many of these dogs look like a miniature husky. There are some that even look like a stuffed toy version of the husky. It is a wonder as to why it took so long to come up with this great breed. Even the pomskies that look more like the Pomeranian than the husky are still cute.

Size of a Pomsky Puppy

The pomsky is not necessarily a small dog like the Pomeranian, but they typically are not as big as the husky either. The average weight of these dogs is anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds. This makes it a small or medium sized dog. This adorable hybrid already has a high demand and this is reflected in the price. There is not enough of this breed around where you would find one in a shelter, but there are plenty of other great shelter dogs from which to choose. If you are set on a pomsky, the cost is anywhere from $1000 to $5000 depending on the breeder.

Husky Characteristics

The husky is used as a sled dog and will probably always be noted as such. This is a working dog that tends to be extremely strong willed. For this reason, it is important to note that if you own one of these dogs you are going to need to be strong willed as well. The husky breed can be somewhat mischievous and since they are working dogs they tend to become bored if they are not given something to do. When you own a husky as a pet you are going to need to make sure that it gets a lot of exercise. Huskies tend to get along quite well with people and other dogs, but make sure that they are introduced to both at a younger age. The husky is often very friendly and affectionate and become quite the loyal companion.

Pomeranian Characteristics

Pomeranians have 2 speeds, fast and much faster. This is a lively small dog that is also very intelligent. Similar to the husky, the Pomeranian is also strong willed. This characteristic is likely to surface in the pomsky puppy. This breed of dog may suffer from what is often called small dog syndrome. In addition, it may also take on some pack leader characteristics. For this reason, when you have a Pomeranian puppy you need to have a firm hand or you may end up with issues down the road. Pomeranians also need a lot of exercise and if you take a walk each day you are more likely to have a dog that will be better behaved. The Pomeranian is not always great with children, but can be a great companion for the elderly.

Pomsky Characteristics

The husky does not bark a lot, but the Pomeranian does tend to bark a lot. This means that a dog that is a mix of both breeds may fall somewhere in the middle. However, it could be quieter or louder; it will really depend on the disposition of the parents.

As both the husky and the Pomeranian are very active dogs, the pomsky will likely be as well. You will need to make sure that you give the dog plenty of time to exercise. It is likely that the pomsky will not inherit any bad traits from its parents and it will likely be a very good dog for your family.

As is the case for most dogs, the way that it will behave will depend greatly on how it is trained and handled as it grows.