5 Essential Pet Supplies To Have When Bringing Your New Pomsky Puppies Home

Owning a new pet is exciting, especially a Pomeranian Husky or Pomsky. Bringing a puppy home is a big change in your life. It is essential to have a plan ready in advance for the new member for a smooth and easy transition. Your pet is a major commitment so before you have the new member at home, decide on different rules, the role of caretaker and stock your home with the important supplies. Before you bring your new Pomsky puppy home, ensure that you have the essentials stocked in your home. Having safe supplies ensures that the designer breed will have a comfortable stay with you.



5 Essential Pet Dog Supplies

Instead of purchasing random items, it is essential to buy supplies that your puppy will need on the first day. Some of these important items include:

  • Water and food bowls – Heavy bottomed bowls for food and water made of stainless steel and ceramics. Heavy bowls will be hard for your dog to knock down. Plastic bowls are a not a good idea as puppies often tend to chew on them.
  • Grooming kit – From your local pet store, purchase a dog grooming kit that suits your new puppy best. Grooming your dog helps to create a bond with your little one. For the perfect brush, you can contact the original breeder or speak to your vet. It is essential to clip their nails, so including a nail clipper in this kit is a must.
  • Collar with ID tag – You can choose collars made of safe materials to ensure comfort of your pet. Collars made of soft leather or nylon are recommended for your pet. An identification tag with the name and contact information of the owner is a good option to prevent losing your Pomsky.



    Photo Credit: Foxtrottin’ Northerns – Website | Facebook

  • Chew toys – Puppies love chewing and they will try to chew anything lying around in their sights. You can stock your home with safe toys that will not be hazardous for your dog. Make sure that these are durable, non-toxic, and are not too tough for your Pomsky’s teeth.
  • Crate – A travelling crate is essential for your pet. Make sure that it is a big enough size for your dog to comfortably turn and twist. In first few weeks, this also aids in toilet training of your dog.

Apart from these, keep a larger supply of the food that your puppy is used to, as this makes them feel right at home. Since puppies feel stressed due to changes in the environment, ensure that your pet is not affected by allergens. You need to be well equipped with supplies that make life of your pet comfortable.