There’s no doubt about it, there’s something about a Pomsky. One look into those beady eyes and you’re sold. But, it’s not just the eyes that pull us in. It’s also their soft fur coat and expressive Siberian Husky mask. Plus, we can’t forget about their fun loving personality. Especially the famous, plus adorable, Mya, the “fox dog.”

It’s no surprise that the Pomsky has came out on top in the “designer breed” world. It’s hard for your heart strings to not feel just a little tug when you see a Pomsky. There’s a few Pomskies that we know have pulled thousands of heart strings worldwide.

With thousands of followers on social media, these Pomskies will steal your heart. Just like they’ve already done to thousands of people.



Norman The Pomsky

In just six weeks, Norman The Pomsky had reached over 11k followers. Now with over 22k followers, we can understand why people love Norman so much! The adorable Pomsky has all the right features.

Norman struts a perfect example of the Siberian Husky mask. His expressive eyes steal the show as well. Well, of course we can’t forget about his adorable compact size as well.

Norman The Pomsky is stealing hearts all over Instagram. Just take one look at his videos and pictures on Instagram. I’m sure he’ll steal your heart as well.



Morning glow ☀️

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Mya The Pomsky

Just like Norman, Mya is another Pomsky that has went viral. Mya took the world by storm. While Mya is just as adorable as Norman, Mya went viral for other reasons. Meet Mya, the adorable and self-proclaimed “fox dog.”




Mya flaunts an impressive following. With over 39k followers on Instagram, there’s just something about little Mya. Maybe it’s her crystal blue eyes. It could be her gorgeous fox like red coat. One thing’s for sure, people love Mya.




Oreo The Pomsky

With over 7k fans on Facebook, Oreo the Pomsky is becoming quite famous. Oreo exceeds in the “expressive” department. Always bearing a huge grin, you’ll want to wrap this cute Pomsky up in a huge hug.

Happy, fluffy, adorable, and fun describes this Pomsky. It’s no wonder Oreo is developing a following on social media so fast.



Oreo playing fetch. Image thanks to Andy Biggar photography

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Toby The Pomsky

Toby the Pomsky has got it going on. He just doesn’t have over 37k followers on Instagram. He’s also a Hollywood actor. But, that’s not it. Toby is also an adorable little model as well.

That’s right. Toby gets to hang out with the “big shots.” Toby is a real celebrity. Just take a look at his Instagram. He’s loved all over the world, including Hollywood.

You’ll also see Toby on other parts of social media, too. He shows love to 1.2k followers on Facebook as well.

If you love Toby on Instagram, you have to like him on Facebook!

The best part about Toby? He’s a rescue. That’s right. But, that’s not all. Toby just launched a book featuring him and his sister. “Toby & Pucci Find Their Own Home” is a book that launched in August of 2015.



👔😎💙👕👖 @tobyandpucci

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Lil Rufio

Lil’ Rufio the Pomsky became famous after an “uh oh” involving his biggest fan. His owner. Lil Rufio’s owner is none other than Joseph Rufio. Joseph is a tight end for the Detroit Lions.

According to USA magazine, potty training can be frustrating. But, it seems as if it can also be dangerous. During potty training, Joseph rushed to stop Lil’ Rufio from urinating in the house. The end result? A sprained right ankle for the Detroit Lions tight end.

Lil’ Rufio is a Pomsky, though! So, his famous owner didn’t stay mad long. Posting pictures of the two together shortly after the incident. With over 14k Instagram followers, I’d say the world isn’t mad at Lil’ Rufio either.




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