Personality and temperament traits will vary based on the type of dog you purchase. A pomsky is a unique designer dog breed created by combining a Pomeranian and a husky. The dog is quite small and the look of the puppy will be a mix of both breeds, creating the small and cuddly pomsky. Just like the parents have a hand in the look of the dog, so is the personality and temperament affected.

The way the parents of the puppy act, so the puppy will be once it is grown up. It is important to learn the potential traits of the puppy to see just what you are in for when you purchase a pomsky. Below is a comparison of a husky and a Pomeranian as well as a combination of the two so you can better understand the potential temperament of your new pet.

Siberian Husky Temperament

The Siberian husky breed is known better for its personality traits rather than its looks. This type of dog is extremely intelligent and is capable of being trained if you are knowledgeable in the training practices. Owners enjoy the breed’s energy, playfulness and ability to be quite sociable with adults, children and others.

With a husky, the owner must be able to be firm and exert dominance. The animal requires exercise and stimulation mentally. Huskies can become destructive if they are not given the stimulation that they need.

Inherited Traits to the Pomsky

Considering these traits with your pomsky, you should know the puppy can be intelligent and learn commands with ease, if you take the proper care during training. The pomsky will have energy like the husky and will require play. When the pomsky becomes bored, it can begin to exhibit bad behavior like chewing on things, which can lead to damage to your material possessions.


Pomeranian Temperament

A Pomeranian is very similar to a husky when it comes to temperament which is probably why the breeds mix well together. A Pomeranian is curious and energetically spends time on the go. The owner must be firm to get the Pomeranian to listen and have all rules followed. Bad habits can easily be picked up by the pooch which can lead to bad behavior. The Pomeranian also has a hard time changing, so if training is not done during the puppy time frame, you will have a difficult time training.

One downside to the temperament of a Pomeranian is the shrilly barking. This can easily become annoying to owners who have not taken measures to keep the animal quiet. The Pomeranian can easily take on the role as protector which leads to barking, especially around strangers. The love and devotion of the puppy to their master will be a blessing and a curse when you consider the barking.

Comparing the Pomsky

The pomsky will also pick up traits of the Pomeranian after birth. Barking can be shrill and high pitched, but you also get the loving and protective nature of a Pomeranian. The pomsky will require proper training to risk creating a complex known as ‘small dog’. The pooch will think it is dominant over you and this can be hard to move away from. Take time to train your puppy in the early stages to show dominance over the animal for smooth obedience.

Temperament of the Pomsky

Now that you have seen the temperament and personality of the Pomeranian and the husky, compared to the pomsky, you can take a look at the traits common to the pomsky. There is no on way to describe all pomsky’s as each puppy will be different. However, pomsky breeds will have a high level of intelligence and have equal levels of energy. The puppy will be social and will be able to bond with you and family members.

You will need to be sure and play vigorously with your puppy as well as offer ample levels of exercise. Run or walk daily to help the puppy workout and expend the energy. Be careful introducing your new pomsky to children. When kids act out and are loud, the pomsky may find this odd and become sensitive to the activity which can make the dog bark or act out.