Can I Visit with the Puppy and Parents?

Most purchases are never done without viewing the product so why would a Pomeranian purchase be any different? Ask the breeder if you may visit with the puppy and the parents at the home of the breeder. You want to see both parents so you can have an idea as to what your puppy will look like when it is grown. In some cases, the sire of the puppy as the breeder may have choose to use a sire from a different location, but you should be able to see the mother. If the breeder refuses, you should feel uneasy and not move forward with a purchase from them.

Can you send photos of the puppy and parents?

If the breeder is in a location that is far from your home and a visit is not feasible, ask for photos of both the parents and the puppy. You can look at the photos and see what you will be receiving and what to expect as your puppy gets older. As for photos at different angles to avoid any scamming. This way, you can view photos from the natural habitat and a fake breeder will not be able to send you photos from the same location at different angles, as they would most likely be using stock photos.