Pomsky Breeder in Florida

At Beach Pomsky, their main objective is not only to breed Pomskies, but also to give the gift of owning a Pomsky to those who love them most. To secure your perfect Pomeranian Husky companion, a deposit of $500 will be required and can be paid via cash deposits, paypal, checks or money orders. Because of the great demand for these exquisite pups, no puppy will be held without a deposit. An online questionnaire will also need to be filled in before you are accepted as a potential buyer. These pups will need regular mental and physical stimulation, therefore we need to ensure that you will be a great “parent” to your new baby. Where better to go when looking for a Pomsky pup for sale than to Beach Pomsky!



Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Florida, USA
Phone number: N/A
Site: http://beachpomsky.com
Social: https://www.facebook.com/beachpomskies