Chriscendo Pomeranians

Written By Jason Gest On November 2, 2015, Last Updated On November 2, 2015

Chriscendo Pomeranians  Breeder Profile

Chriscendo Pomeranians is run by John and Christine Heartz whom are both very experienced breeders. Christine started her breeding program in 1970 and has won around 100 Best in Shows with her dogs, in addition John has been showing and breeding dogs since 1965. With their combined experience and effort you are guaranteed a high quality Pomeranian that has been bred according to the highest standards.

Location: Nova Scotia, ON
Phone number: 902-673-2446
Social: N/A


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  1. You need to get in contact with bredeers of quality Pomeranian dogs and inquire about obtaining a show quality female. Most successful bredeers will not give a novice a show quality puppy without co-ownership which is really no bad thing anyway getting a breeder to mentor you is the single BEST thing you can do. If you are lucky enough to get a show quality puppy on a co-ownership basis your breeder will be there to guide you through every step of the way. If your female turns out to be show winning, has all her health checks in place and has a wonderful temperament, THEN she is breeding quality.Best of luck!References :