Anyone who owns a dog needs to take good care of their teeth. Dogs are susceptible to periodontal disease just like humans, which is why it’s so important that you do everything you can to keep them healthy. Ideally you will want to brush your dog’s teeth every day, but a few times a week is acceptable. Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe a special toothbrush and toothpaste that you can use on your dog to prevent plaque and tartar buildup over time. By brushing your dogs teeth you will be able prevent cavities and pain in the future.

One of the best ways to preserve your dog’s oral health is to not give it any sugary foods or drinks, as they are both for their teeth just like with people. When you are brushing your dog’s teeth it is important to be gentle so you do not hurt them at all. Start off by brushing only a few of your dog’s teeth at first and work your way up so your pet will get used to it over time. Keep in mind that lots of dogs simply cannot sit still when getting their teeth brushed, so you might have to be patient with yours.

Pomsky in the grass

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It’s important to know what some of the signs of oral disease in dogs are so you can recognize them. A few of these signs include bad breath, excessive drooling, inflamed gums, tumors in the gyms, cysts under the tongue, and loose teeth. Make sure that you take your dog to get regular dental checkups at the veterinarian so you can find out if there are any problems that require treatment. You should make a point of taking your dog to get these checkups at least once or twice a year.