Foxtrottin’ Northerns 

Written By Jason Gest On August 23, 2015, Last Updated On May 12, 2017

Pomsky Breeder in Utah

Foxtrottin’ Northerns are a family run breeder that focuses on breeding Pomskies. Each Pomsky pup costs $2600 USD or $2500 if paid via cash, check, or direct deposit. Dogs can be picked up from the ranch in Utah or shipped around the US for $515, furthermore shipping outside of the US is available however the cost will vary. To see pictures or learn about an upcoming litter check out their site or Facebook profile!

Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Utah, USA
Phone number: 801-616-3410


  1. Hi Jason! Thanks for your accurate listing of our Pomsky Kennel.

    I just wanted to let you know that we no long breed Aluskies and Wolf Hybrids but are focusing entirely on our Pomskies.

    Thanks again!


    • Jason Gest

      Hey, Heather

      Thanks for the update on your profile, the changes have been made and if there any changes to be made in the future just let me know!