It’s important to become a certified Pomsky breeder as more people will trust you and will be willing to spend thousands of dollars with you instead of with another breeder who may not be certified. The Pomsky Club of America has a list of approved breeders which any breeder can get on as long as they meet the requirements which is what this article is going to discuss.

First of all for those thinking about becoming a Pomeranian Husky breeder please remember that Pomskies are not an easy dog to breed, they’re actually very difficult as research must be conducted and the actual breeding must be done through insemination since the Pomeranian is so tiny. Furthermore for those considering to breed Pomskies, do not breed them if either of these 2 ideas apply to you:

  1. You think you can make some easy cash. Breeding Pomeranian Huskies is a very costly thing to do as it should cost $1000s of dollars to create a breeding stock and in add

    ition you will need $100 per progesterone test and sometimes you need 5 or more tests before breeding your Husky and Pomeranian. Also it costs anywhere from $200 to $1000 per artificial insemination depending on your vet and the method you decide to use and even before the puppies are born you will have to pay for x-rays and ultrasound tests which just adds to your list of expenses.

  2. Your buddy has a Husky and you own a Pomeranian or the other way around. Just because you have a Pomeranian and a Husky at your disposal doesn’t mean that you should try to breed them as its very likely that you will end up with a litter of puppies that look like over-sized Pomeranians. This creates an issue because it will be hard to sell this type of dog and you will just be adding to overflowing shelters when no one wants to purchase your puppies which is why you must educate yourself before attempting to breed this designer breed.

So neither of the 2 points above apply to you and you want to know how to become a approved breeder? Well continue reading these next few points to learn how!


  1. Do your research.  Study the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky by looking up winners of shows and seeing what high quality puppies look like so you are able to differentiate a poorly bred dog from a premium dog. Furthermore learn about different health issues associated with the breeds and study the genetics. There will be 3 sites listed at the bottom of this article that will be helpful with research and if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments or just do a quick Google search for yourself.
  2. Search for your dogs.  Once you’ve finished researching and know exactly what kind of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky you want its time to start looking for the perfect dogs. Take your time to ensure you purchase two high quality dogs;  beware of scammers and don’t limit yourself to searching in just your state, you can look all over the country or world if you need to.
  3. Get a good vet.  It is very important that you find yourself a good vet that is knowledgeable in reproductive medicine as not all vets know a lot about this area which is why you may need to ask other breeders which vet they use so you can find the best vet around.  In addition if you plan on doing your own inseminations, its best that you find a vet or a breeder with experience to mentor you as searching up  guide online and trying it on your dogs for the first time isn’t a safe idea.
  4. Code of Ethics.  To become apart of the PCA you must abide by their code of ethics which can be found on the website. The link to code of ethics is a the bottom of the page.
  5. Ultrasound.  Once you breed your female you should schedule an ultrasound 4-5 weeks after ovulation; ask your vet when they can conduct the ultrasound as some vets prefer to do it at 4 weeks and some rather do it later on around 5 weeks.
  6. DNA Test.  You need to order the wisdom panel 2.0 DNA test from Mars Veterinary. The PCA requires that you test your Pomsky puppies from your first litter to become a trusted breeder as no one wants to be scammed into buying a dog that isn’t a real Pomeranian Husky. This test isn’t 100% accurate especially if your dogs aren’t high quality; if your results comeback incorrect you need to ensure that you send the PCA a copy of the parent’s registration to prove that the Pomeranian and Husky are purebred.  The best time is test your puppy is after birth, before the puppy starts to nurse as the milk has DNA in it which can alter the results of a cheek swab test.
  7. Kennel Name and Online Presence.  You will need a name for your kennel and should create a Facebook and/or a website to to display your dogs as well as give possible customers information about your kennel e.g. contact info and an about me section.
  8. Results.  Once you have your test results and everything in order send your results to and you will receive an email back shortly about being added to the PCA and  their Facebook group.


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