After spending a few thousand dollars to buy an adorable Pomsky and supplies such as dog food, toys, accessories, and more, I’m sure you would want a way to ID your puppy in case they go missing or something goes wrong.  Luckily for you there a number of options to ID your Pomsky:

Classic Dog Tag:  Having a collar with a dog tag is the most standard way to ID your puppy and should be done by everyone as the collar is the first place many people will check if they find a lost dog as it generally has contact information and the dogs name. Cost is a few dollars to $20 and up depending on the style

Tattoo: Many people do not know this, but owners who would like a certain and permanent form of ID can actually have an identification tattoo situated on their dog. Usually these tattoos will be placed in the inside haunch region,  the inside of your Pomsky’s ear, or more commonly the inner leg or stomach. Unlike human tattoos dog tattoos are applied with a tool that presses the ink onto the dog similarly to a stamp which is done very quickly and also minimizes discomfort and pain. Keep in mind that some companies that register microchips may also register a tattoo number for your puppy so if you’re interested in this method of ID and a microchip you can ask about both options.  Cost varies ~ $30

Microchip: A microchip which is about the size of a grain of rice can be implanted into your Pomsky as a means of identification. The chip will be formatted with an ID number that has information about your dog along with your contact information, then your vet will simply inject the chip with a syringe underneath the skin of your Pomeranian Husky causing zero pain.  Average Cost is $45

The most common form of ID is the standard dog tag which many owners will compliment with a microchip or tattoo or sometimes both! Having all three forms of ID are up to you, but you should certainly pick at least one. Let us know what you think about these 3 ID options for you Pomsky’s!

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