Often, some enthusiasts misunderstand the Pomeranian Husky as a purebred dog but it is actually considered to be a designer breed. Also known as pomsky, it combines the genetic heritage of the Pomeranian breed and the Siberian Husky breed. It is very easy to fall in love this playful, fluffy, and intelligent breed that has the temperamental and physical nature of both these breeds. It is a small dog and has resemblance either of the two breeds. It is tough to categorize the personality traits of these hybrid dogs as they do not have similar characteristics. However, these traits are naturally determined by the parents of these pups. Regardless, these puppies are very friendly and playful as both parents typically have this trait.

Playful Hybrid Dogs

The pomsky is a relatively new designer breed. These hybrid dogs get along well with people around them. Seldom will you find a dog who is not nervous with kids around. In fact, these dogs are calm with children around them. When these dogs are excited and happy, they are playful, will fetch their toys, and run around when taken out for a walk. Pomskies are active and hate to be left alone or ignored at home. You have to interact and play with these dogs, as they love attention. However, they do not like being teased, so owners need to be cautious about people with whom they interact.



Combination of Genetic Traits

In comparison to its parents, Pomsky is half their size and weight. This beautiful breed has a double-layered coat that it inherits from both its parents. Two layers of coat provide better insulation and protection from cold weather to these designer dogs. Outer layer of this dog is either smooth and sleek as Siberian Husky or fluffy as Pomeranian. Mental attributes of parenting breeds are similar, but that of hybrids can vary. Since the genetic parents are intelligent, this trait is also present in the designer breed. As a result, pomskies can adapt to different living conditions relatively well.