Moonlit Pomskys

Written By Jason Gest On August 26, 2015, Last Updated On March 23, 2017

Moonlit Pomskys Breeder Profile

Moonlit Pomskys is a member of the International Pomsky Association and is run by Karen-Marie Cushing and Joanne Taylor whom are both experts when it comes to canines. Vist their site to see pictures of what’s available and contact them if you would like to purchase a puppy!


Email: Contact Breeder
Location: Hereford, Warrington, Manchester, England
Cardiff, Wales
Phone number: N/A
Social: N/A


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  3. teska laats

    Hello. Very interested in buying a puppy. Can you let me know age? Are the vaccinated/ microchipped and price please.

    Kind regards Teska

  4. Jason Gest

    I’m not sure if they read comments on our site… I suggest you to contact them through email.

    Good luck getting a pomsky!


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