Pomsky pups are far from “cheap.” When you buy a Pomsky, you may spend anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 on buying just the puppy. Then you have to take into consideration the health of the Pomsky. Veterinarian care may cost you a pretty penny as well. That’s why so many pet owners are buying pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is somewhat like our own health insurance. But, your Pomsky won’t hand an insurance card to the receptionist at the front desk. It offers you a sigh of relief in the event of a pet emergency.


According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), the first policy for pet insurance was written in 1890. Pet insurance isn’t a new thing. It’s something thousands have used for many years.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Just like with our own health insurance companies, each company has their own way of doing things. The most common practice you see with pet insurance is the pet owner pays the full cost of the visit up front. Then the veterinarian will have a sheet to fill out provided by the insurance company. The veterinarian office or the pet owner then will forward the sheet to the insurance company.

Pomsky Insurance

The company providing the pet insurance then will reimburse the pet owner. The percentage they reimburse will depend on the company and the coverage the pet owner has. How fast the client received the reimbursement will depend on the company as well. Some companies are able to send reimbursements in as little as 7 days.

What Is The Cost of Pet Insurance?

The cost of pet insurance will vary. There are several factors that go into the price of pet insurance. Cost may depend on the type of coverage, your pet’s age, breed, and medical history. The cost of pet insurance may go up, as well, depending on the companies policy.

Siberian Husky Grey and White

You should consider deductibles as well when considering the price of pet insurance. A deductible is the amount the pet owner must pay out

You may find an “accident only” plan for as low as $3 a month, per pet. There are also “premium” plans available as well. These plans usually cost over $50 monthly, per pet. If your pet suffers from a variety of health conditions, a premium plan may be worth it. Even if your pet’s breed is prone to medical concerns, the premium plan could be a lifesaver in the end.

What Services Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Services covered by pet insurance depend on the plan your pet has and the company. For example, you may have a “premium plan” with a company. That doesn’t mean all companies will offer the same services under their “premium plan.” It’s important to see what services the company covers before purchasing a plan. This will make sure you have the right expectations.

Here’s a few examples of what all plans usually cover:

  • Exam fees
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic imagine (X-Rays, MRI’s, CT Scans)
  • Veterinary hospital stays
  • Diagnostic procedures (blood work, biopsies, cytologies, etc.)
  • Supplies needed for medical reasons
  • Surgeries

For “accident only” plans coverage may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Poisoning (intentional or accidental)
  • Car accidents
  • Wounds

If you’d rather start with a “basic plan” for pet insurance, coverage may include:

  • Wellness check-ups
  • Diagnostic testing during wellness check-ups (heartworm testing, fecal testing, etc.)
  • Heartworm preventive
  • Flea preventive
  • Vaccinations that your pet(s) needs

What if your dog is a breed that has a list of possible health problems? But, you haven’t encountered any of these issues. You may want to go with somewhat of an in-between plan. A plan that is often called a “level two plan.”

With a “level two plan,” you get the coverage of a “basic plan.” But, you also receive extra coverage as well. Usually this extra coverage includes accidents and illnesses.

Extra coverage under a “level two plan” may include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Swallowing of objects
  • Poisoning (intentional or accidental)
  • Wounds
  • Burns

Then, of course, there is the “premium plan.” While the premium plan is usually the most expensive, it may be valuable for you to have. A plan like this may be valuable if you have a pet who is older or a pet who has many health problems already.

With a “premium plan” you’ll of course get the benefits of a accident only, basic, and level two plan. But, with a premium plan, there is a chance your deductibles may be lower. You’ll also receive extra coverage.

“Premium Plans” for pet insurance may include coverage such as:

  • Cancer
  • Diseases such as, but not limited to: Addison’s disease, Chronic kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, etc.
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart failure
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Skin disorders (infection, growths, etc.)
  • Torn ligaments

Depending on the company you go with, you may receive all these benefits and more. You also may not receive some of the benefits listed.


How Do You Get Approved for Pet Insurance?

To get approved for pet insurance you must first find a company that provides it. You’ll want to find the best policy and company that meets your need. Once you find your dream company, you’ll want want to find out what documents you need to apply. You’ll want to go ahead and gather these supplies to make applying easier.

Some documents you may need to apply for pet insurance may include:

  • Proof of, if any, vaccinations your pet(s) have received
  • Your pets medical record

If you need these documents, you can get them from any veterinarian your pet has visited.

Most companies offer the opportunity to apply for coverage online. You’ll need to visit the companies website and look around until you find where to apply at. Sometimes the approval process is instant. Then you should prepare to make at least a monthly payment at that time. The approval process may take a little longer.

Also, there are ways to apply on the phone or via mail. Even if you apply online, you may still have to mail in the documents before you’re approved.

Should You Get Insurance on a Pomsky?

Since the Pomsky is new on the “designer dog” scene we don’t know much about their health. One thing we do know about their health is that they may develop dental problems.

Dental problems are quite common in most breeds. But, the misconception is that you can solve that with regular brushing of the teeth. Regular teeth brushing is vital when it comes to dental health. But, dogs need regular dental check-ups by a veterinarian, too.

If regular brushing doesn’t prevent some problems, your dog may need a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings can be expensive. Especially if teeth extraction or if they do anything other than a cleaning.

We have to keep in mind the Pomskies parents, too. The beautiful Siberian Husky and the compact Pomeranian. These breeds came on the scene years ago. That means we know a lot more about their possible health problems. So, when considering possible health problems a Pomsky may have, consider their parents.

Pomsky insurance

In the beginning, if you’re purchasing a Pomsky, you’ll spend anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000. Which may be quite an investment for some. The Pomsky doesn’t have many known health problems right now. But, more could pop up later. So, having pet insurance will be helpful in case of an accident on your adorable investment.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost For A Pomsky?

Like with any breed, the cost of pet insurance may vary. Below you’ll find three examples of pet insurance companies that cover the Pomsky breed.

[table id=2 /]
*Costs are based on a quote for a 12 week old female Pomsky. Each company offers different plans you can chose from. The price is based on their most recommended plan.

Learn more about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance on their website.

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What Kind of Coverage Is Included?

Coverage you are able to receive will depend on the companies policies. It will also depend on what plan you chose to go with. The coverage below is based on the costs above.

[table id=3 /]
**Coverage may vary based on the plan that you chose. Most will not cover conditions that are considered pre-existing. 
*** Most plans will not cover elective surgical procedures. This may include: dew claw removal, tail docking, and ear cropping. Some may not cover spay or neuter as well.

Insurance Companies for Pomsky

Consider the price of an adorable Pomsky. Sure, you’ll spend anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000 on a Pomsky. But, the joy you’ll get from a Pomsky is priceless. It’s important to protect what you care for. The benefits of pet insurance for a Pomsky may also end up priceless.

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