The Pomeranian Husky is a ridiculously adorable hybrid dog mix between a Pomeranian purebred and a Husky purebred. It is classified as a designer dog mainly due to the fact that its parents come from two different purebred families. There is a growing demand for Pmeranian Huskies or Pomskies.

Aside from their irresistible cuteness, these dogs are known to be gifted with positive traits from its purebred parents. In addition, their health and life expectancy are considered to be desirable, thus making them the perfect pet dog for households with children. They are so cute that no child or adult can resist taking good care of them.

With their cuteness and adorable looks aside, Pomskies are highly intelligent creatures too. For those who are fond of training their dogs and teaching them tricks, a Pomsky will surely melt your heart as they are very good in following directions. They are very alert dogs in that they immediately follow commands and can be trained with simple to intermediate tricks within a short span of time.

In terms of temperament, Pomeranian Huskies are pretty much laid-back pups and dogs that seem to enjoy rest as much as play time. They can be highly energetic at certain hours of the day. This means that pet parents need to have the time to walk and exercise their dogs on a daily basis. Consequently, they are also very peaceful-loving creatures making them the perfect breed for children wanting to take care of their own pet at home.

In terms of physical attributes, the outcome of crossing between a Husky and Pomeranian varies from case to case. In the case of puppies that are a mix of male Husky and female Pomeranian, the end result may be a litter of puppies that will eventually grow into medium-sized dogs.

The cross between a female Husky and a male Pomeranian is more desirable, as this mix will result in smaller Pomskies. Ideally, a Pomsky should boast the size of its Pomeranian parent and the physical qualities of its Husky parent. Since it was only a few years ago that the cross between these two breeds were developed, there are still Pomskies that feature undesirable qualities from both parents. Breeders are working their efforts into breeding female Huskies and male Pomeranians as this combination is to produce smaller Pomskies with Husky features- two qualities that most dog lovers prefer.

The temperament of a Pomsky may be a combination of the good and bad qualities from both parents. However this is true, the most common traits that one can observe across all Pomskies are intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness.

They are ideal for children to take care of, but are not recommended for older people to take in due to their high levels of energy. Those who suffer from allergic sensitivities are not recommended to take care Pomeranian Huskies mainly due to the fact that these adorable canines possess thicker coat than most dog breeds. As Huskies and Pomeranians belong under the same Sptiz family, their fur are longer and denser, thus you can expect for its offspring to feature the same, or thicker and longer, coat altogether.

A Pomeranian Husky, just like its parents, bark loud frequently. This is especially true when there are strangers around. However, they are very friendly in that they warm up to strangers easily too.

The diet of a Pomeranian Husky is no different than what you would feed any type of dog. Since Pomskies are highly energetic and playful in nature, experts recommend that they are to be fed with dry kibbles made from high-quality proteins. Vitamins supplementation may also be needed to ensure that your Pomskies maintain good health at all times.

Pet parents should have their Pomskies vaccinated during the puppy stage to avoid certain illnesses altogether. In addition, neutering or spaying is also recommended as this procedure ensures your dog become less susceptible to certain contagious and deadly diseases.

Those who want to try out training their Pomsky should apply the reward-based training to see immediate results. Giving them treats for routines or tricks accomplish will motivate them all the more to be attentive and execute their tricks properly. The stubbornness of Pomeranians are most likely inherited by Pomskies. With this in mind, it is best to be firm but gentle when training Pomskies so they do not manifest stubbornness during times of play and exercise.

A pet owner is expected to assume the role of a leader in order for Pomskies to be loyal and well behaved. Failure to be firm yet gentle master during exercises may result in Pomskies developing Small Dog Syndrome and other negative behavioral qualities.

With proper care and diet Pomskies are dogs that do not suffer from weight problems such as obesity. Depending on the mix or combination, a Pomsky may weigh between five pounds for smaller dogs and up to 30 pounds for medium-sized Pomeranian Huskies.

Temperament is pretty much desirable given the right combination was set by the breeder. Aside from playfulness and high energy levels, Pomeranian Huskies are very loyal and self-assured dogs. Not only are they perfect around children, they also do well in multiple pet households.

Pomskies, like their Pomeranian parent, are very protective of their owners. This makes them pretty effective guard dogs too. Although Pomskies are small or medium in size, their temperament enables them to fight off people or animal that they perceive to be a threat to their respective families.

Although Pomskies are generally healthy dogs, they are known to be highly vulnerable in developing dental caries or plaque formation. These dental issues when left untreated can result in teeth loss, a condition which may spur a host of serious problems in the future. It is then advised that pet owners take their dog down to the vet for an annual dental checkup and cleaning.

Although the Pomeranian Husky is a relatively new breed of dogs, the American Kennel Club has finally recognized it under Designer Breeds. The Pomsky Club of America on the other hand is an organization that sets the standards of qualification and registration among Pomskies.