What is a Pomsky?

A Pomsky is a “designer”dog breed that has been created by breeding a Husky with a Pomeranian. At the moment breeders are working with the PCA (Pomsky Club of America) to make Pomskies a recognized breed with the CKC and AKC.


What’s the difference between 50/50 and 25/75 Pomskies?

50/50 Pomskies mean that the dog is half Pomeranian half Husky, and 25/75 usually mean the dog is 25% Husky and  75% Pomeranian.


Why do Pomskies cost so much?

Many people wonder why this designer breed costs so much money, however what many people don’t know is how difficult it is to produce a Pomsky and how much work and research is involved. Breeding a Pomeranian Husky naturally is ineffective and dangerous to the dogs which means breeding is done through artificial insemination which requires a vet; keep in mind before getting to the breeding stage all breeders need to conduct their own research and also obtain high quality Pomeranian’s and Huskies which is costly. Additionally once the puppies are born many veterinarian fees are required such as shots, deworming, and most breeders provide DNA test results to assure customers they are getting a true Pomsky which is another cost that most breeders wouldn’t face with other breeds. Lastly there is a high demand for Pomeranian Huskies, but the supply isn’t very large therefore it only makes sense that this breed will cost more compared to other purebred dogs such as Siberian Huskies. To sum it up Pomskies cost a lot because the breeding process is difficult and requires plenty of time and research.


Do Pomskies have any known health issues?

At the moment the Pomeranian Husky is a very new breed and so far there have not been any apparent health problems with the dogs, however there is a lot to learn and there could be issues that no one knows about yet.


Where can I buy a Pomeranian Husky from?

There is a large demand for Pomskies and if you’re looking to purchase a Pomsky check out this list to find a breeder in your area https://pomeranian-husky.com/list-of-pomsky-breeders/. Most breeders will require you to give them a $250-$500 deposit (that will go towards to price of the dog)  to secure yourself a puppy.


Can Pomskies be shipped?

Many breeders do ship their puppies; breeders in the USA typically charge $300-$350 to ship to the 48 continental states and around $500 to ship to Canada.


What are the temperaments of Pomeranian Huskies?

Similarly to humans, Pomsky personalities will vary from dog to dog, however they they will all have some Husky traits and some Pomeranian traits.  Usually they can howl like Huskies but only do it on occasion and they can be escape artists, however they wont need a fence as high as a Husky would and they do not wander off as much.  You will need a fenced yard that is a decent size for your Pomsky to run around in as they are quite active which actually allows them to be excellent running buddies.


Are Pomskies good around kids?

Pomskies are amazing around kids as their playfulness and caring personality will definitely keep your kids intrigued. Additonally since they don’t get very large there’s no worries about the dog being too big to be around kids.


Can I become a breeder?

Yes! You can become a breeder, however it’s advised you check out the Pomsky Club of America’s site for information on how to become a certified breeder.  http://www.pomskyclubofamerica.org/#!how-to-become–pca-breeder/cl98


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