Pomsky In Your Apartment/Condo?

Written By Jason Gest On March 3, 2015, Last Updated On April 10, 2017

I recently had a lengthy discussion with a colleague about having dogs in your apartment or condo and specifically a pomeranian husky as that’s what she was thinking of buying. The conversation got a little heated but before I divulge my opinion I would like to hear what everyone thinks!

1. Do you have a pomsky in your apartment/condo?

2.Is it appropriate to have a pomeranian husky in your apartment/condo?

3. What do you think about having a dog in an apartment/condo < 1,500 square feet?

Looking forward to discussing!


  1. Jessica

    I have a chihuahua in my condo which is about 850 square feet, I think its fine for a small dog, just depends on the size of the dog and how active they are in my opinion.

    • Jason Gest

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for the comment, yes for a small dog 850 square feet might be enough. Where do you walk your dog? For a bigger dog that space might not be enough plus you would probably need a park close by for it to roam around.