In no time the Pomsky has stolen the hearts of thousands. It isn’t just their “happy personality” that tugs on heart strings. Although it’s hard to resist a happy Pomsky. It’s the combination of their personality and looks. Those two traits are grabbing attention from thousands.  It’s no wonder the Pomsky is the hottest “designer dog” out there.

The Pomsky is as beautiful as the Siberian Husky. But, at the same time, struts a compact size of a Pomeranian. Most Pomskies are not the compact size of a Pomeranian. But, they are all pretty close.

These breeds may not steal your heart as quick as a Pomsky does. But, they will make your heart skip a beat or two. These Pomsky lookalikes will tug at a few thousand heart strings, too.

Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is like a Pomsky in many ways. They have the “husky look.” But, they’re not as big as a Siberian or Alaskan Husky. In fact, some may even be smaller than a Pomsky.

The Alaskan Klee Kai also did not derive from the Siberian Husky, like the Pomsky did. The Alaskan Klee Kai is a descendant of the Alaskan Husky. The colors of an Alaskan Klee Kai may vary. But, on most occasions, their coloring is black and white. Just like the Alaskan Klee Kai.

The Pomsky and Alaskan Klee Kai also share similar behavior traits. They’re both intelligent. They are both active as well. Since the Alaskan Klee Kai is from the Alaskan Husky, they have more of a “working” personality. A Pomsky may have more of a “pleasing” personality.

The Pomsky is more on the stout side. The Alaskan Klee Kai is more on the slender and long side. They’re weight is about equal to that of a Pomskies. But, their length is about 5 – 7 inches longer than a Pomsky.

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz resembles the Pomsky quite well as far as size goes. Their sizes are pretty close in nature. The height of a Finnish Spitz is comparable to a Alaskan Klee Kain. With their ideal height ranging from 15 – 20 inches (39 – 50 centimeters).

But, just like the Pomsky, their weight is around the same. The ideal weight for a Finnish Spitz is around 15 – 29 pounds (7 – 13 kilograms). So, in reality, many Finnish Spitz may be smaller than Pomskies.

The Finnish Spitz does not sport the signature “husky mask.” But, their color is pretty radiant. Finnish Spitz, in an ideal situation, will have a golden red coat. Which is stunning in its self.

Finnish Spitz do sport a tail like Pomskies. Their tails also do a nice “curl.” Their tails also resemble somewhat of a “brush look.”

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog is another dog that will steal your heart. Their fluffy coat is beautiful. Plus, their coat is a breath taking snow white color. The American Eskimo Dog is a beautiful dog.

Their body structure is great as well. Their size is like the Pomskies. An American Eskimo Dog stands between 15 – 20 inches. Which is about 5 – 8 inches larger than the Pomsky. But, they also have that “stout figure” like a Pomsky.

The ideal weight for an American Eskimo Dog is much like the ideal weight for a Pomsky. Pomskies are, in an ideal situation, anywhere from 15 – 30 pounds. The American Eskimo Dog’s ideal weight is anywhere from 18 – 35 pounds. So, some may be heftier than a Pomsky. But, in most cases, their weight will be close.

Norweigan Elkhound

The Norweigan Elkound is a bit larger than the Pomsky. Their structure is quite similar though. Including their features and colors. The Norweigan Elkhound also derives from the Spitz breed.

Norweigan Elkhound’s weight is usually between 49 – 55 pounds. Which is quite a difference from the 15 – 30 pound Pomsky. The Norweigan Elkhound also stands quite a bit taller than the Pomsky. The ideal height for this breed is between 19 – 20 inches.

But, some behavioral traits the Norweigan Elkhound has are like a Pomskies. They are also loyal. They’re playful and energetic as well. You may find that the Norweigan Elkhound is a little more strong willed than a Pomsky though.


The Keeshond also shares similarities with the Pomsky. Like the Pomsky, a Keeshond is also a medium sized dog. Although they may be a bit heftier than the Pomsky. With their ideal weigh ranging between 31 – 40 pounds.

But, just like the Pomsky, they have a stout appearance. The medium sized Keeshond only stands anywhere between 17 – 18 inches. There’s not much wiggle room there as far as height goes.

The Keeshond also has beautiful colors. They also share a nice double coat like the Pomsky does. You could even say their snouts are pretty similar as well.

Finnish Lapphund

As far as color and features go, the Finnish Lapphund has this one in the bag. They have beautiful colors. Plus, the sport the well known “husky lookalike mask.”

They are, once again, a little larger than the Pomsky. But, a Finnish Lapphund on the smaller side may be comparable. The ideal weight for this breed ranges from 33 – 53 pounds.

Like the Pomsky, the Finnish Lapphund is also friendly. They’re also calm, faithful, and courageous. Some may even call this breed “keen.”


The Schipperke is another breed that is on the smaller side. They are about 10 to 13 inches in height. Which is quite comparable to the Pomsky. But, Schipperke’s do tend to be on the smaller side weight size. In an ideal situation, a Schipperke will weigh anywhere between 6 – 18 pounds.

There is one huge difference between the Schipperke and the Pomsky though. The Schipperke only comes in one color. That color is black. Black Schipperke’s often are mistaken for black Pomeranian’s that have had a hair cut.

Volpino Italiano

The Volpino Italiano is a breed you may have never heard of. In fact, for a while, people thought they were extinct. They have many similar characteristics of a Pomsky. They are also like the Pomeranian as well.

The most distinct feature they share with the loved Pomsky is their size. The ideal size of a Volpino Italiano ranges from 10 – 12 inches in height. Their ideal weight ranges from 9 – 12 pounds. So, while their height is close to the Pomsky, they are on the smaller side. They’re more comparable to a Pomeranian.

With how similar these breeds are to the Pomsky, they’ll string on your heart strings, too. Their characteristics, their size, and their coats will make you fall in love all over again.