Are Pomskies Loyal?

A new dog in the family means you can expect to have a loyal friend for many years to come. Dogs are known for being loyal animals but particular breeds will ensure the dog will show extra love and attention. One of the most popular new designer breed of dogs being created by premium breeders are the pomsky. A mix of Pomeranian and Husky, the pomsky is a cute and cuddly dog that will make the perfect addition to any family.

Many individuals have never heard of the pomsky but may have seen pictures of the beautiful animal. The hybrid dog is extremely cute and is the size of an average Pomeranian. The physical attributes of the puppy are similar to a Husky. In most cases, the pomsky has a nice blend of features from each parent. Just like the looks of the pomsky will be like its parents, so are the attributes. You can easily the pomsky to be loving and seek your attention on a regular basis.


Level of Loyalty

A new dog owner dreams of coming home to the inviting wag of the tail from their new pet. A pomsky is a loving pet who will run up to you whenever you arrive home. The dog is intelligent and energetic, always ready to play. The outgoing puppy will be loving to you all at times as well as being open to meeting new people such as family and friends.

This breed of puppy is ideal for both families and individuals as a companion dog. The size makes them fit almost anywhere including a large home or the smallest apartment. The smallness of the puppy provides you with the perfect cuddling companion for cold nights. This dog breed can even be used as a therapy dog for those who need a companion as part of various therapy situations.

Playful and Loving

Individuals who wish to own a husky but have no space, can benefit from a pomsky. The puppy will offer the same loving nature and playfulness but be smaller in size. The small size works well with children, even kids who may be skittish around dogs. The small size is not intimidating and the puppy still wants to play and have fun. You will find that your new pomsky will constantly want your attention and even become bored if you show attention to others or are gone for an extended period of time.

You must watch for chewing as pomsky’s can become bored and begin to chew on items around the house. Toys are important for playtime but also to keep your puppy happy with something to chew on.


When you purchase a new pomsky from a breeder, you will need to be sure to take time to train the puppy. From behavior to potty-training, you must take time and the appropriate measures to have your puppy ready to be obedient at all times. Training methods vary from crate training to leash training. Try different methods to see what will work best for your pomsky. Once your puppy is trained, you will be able to enjoy their loving nature, rather than worry about how they are behaving.