If you are like most people you have come across an adorable picture of a Pomsky. This glorious picture likely caused you to search the internet to try and find one of these puppies for your very own or at least try to learn more about them.

If you did a little bit of research after seeing one of the popular memes, you may have come across the fact that the popular picture is not actually of a Pomsky, but is either a Finnish Lapphund or an actual Siberian husky puppy. When considering the purchase of a Pomsky you will need to be careful as this breed is highly misrepresented.

At the end of the post I will go through what you absolutely must take into account when buying a Pomsky puppy.



What is the Pomsky?

The Pomeranian Husky Mix, which is also spelled Pomski, is a new “designer” breed of dog that was created by breeding the Pomeranian and the Siberian husky. There are some circles that cause this breed the Huskeranian.

The Pomsky puppies that come from a reputable breeder will have the husky serve as the dam and the Pomeranian as the sire.

The main reason for this is because of the health and physical complications that will occur and could endanger both the mother and the puppies should the smaller Pomeranian female try to carry puppies that are sired by a larger male Husky.

Since the Pomsky is priced over their small size and smaller dogs tend to command higher prices, it would not make much sense to breed male Huskies that tend to be much larger than the female Husky.

Pomsky Size and Appearance

The pomsky tends to have traits, qualities, and characteristics with differing degrees of appearance that is based on the contribution genetically from each of the parents. The expectation is for the dog to weigh about half of the combined weight of each of its parents. The average is between 20 and 30 pounds.

If you are just starting to familiarize yourself with the breed it is important to remember that these dogs are relatively new. This means that there is not a breed standard as of yet. The pomsky is not going to win a best in show award at the annual Westminster dog show any time soon.

When it comes to getting a Pomeranian Husky, it is still somewhat of a crapshoot as to what the puppy is going to look like or weigh when it matures. This means that you will need to be flexible if you are choosing this type of dog.

Purchasing a Pomsky Puppy

When it comes to buying a pomsky puppy you are going to find that there are many schemes. These puppies are trending right now and people are trying to exploit the lack of knowledge about this breed.

If you truly want to purchase a Pomsky it is important to make sure that you are armed with knowledge and information. This will help you make sure that you are not victimized by an unscrupulous individual. Here are a few things that you should watch out for when you are trying to purchase  from a breeder.


Via HdWallPaperFresh

Via HdWallPaperFresh

  1. Is the price too low? Because of complicated breeding process, Pomskies typically cost between $2000 – $3000. Why would anyone sell them below that?
  2. Make sure that the advertised puppies actually exist. Will they send pictures of the parents and/or puppies or do they simply verbalize descriptions?
  3. After you have gotten pictures, check that the photos that they have provided are not someone else’s footage that can be found online. You can do that by reverse image search engine. Taking a picture of the parents should not take long as everyone has a camera these days.
  4. You can verify the picture by asking the breeder also to add a post-it note in the picture stating the date, so you can make sure the picture was taken just for you. If the breeder will not snap a picture and send it to you through an email or in a text, it is likely that they are not running a legitimate breeding operation.
  5. Ask the breeder’s address. You can then check it on Google Street View and see that it really has some sort of kennel. But take this tip with a grain of salt, sometimes you cannot verify it just by looking the Street View as it’s not available everywhere.
  6. Is the breeder receptive to each of your questions? Do they seem vague or hostile when giving you answers? This is subtle warning sign that they may be running a scam.
  7. Can the breeder provide you with a list of previous customers? If the list is provided make sure that you call some of the past customers and ask them about working with the breeder.
  8. If the breeder asks for a large down payment before providing pictures, this is a sign that you should take your business someplace else.
  9. If the breeder wants a payment in cash or by cashier’s check, or money order, you will likely want to find another breeder. When you are purchasing a large ticket item you want to make sure that there is a paper trail for the transaction.
  10. Registrations and licenses are extremely important. Make sure that you ask about the parents of the puppies. The parents should be registered and papered through one of the kennel clubs. Make sure to ask if the breeder is licensed to perform business in their area. You also want to ask about a DNA test for your puppy. There are some breeders that will pass off a fake Pomsky to a person that does not know better.

The best advice when attempting to buy a true Pomsky is to do your research. Remember, this is your money and if you do not like the answers that are being provided by a potential breeder, make sure that you look somewhere else.