5 Easiest Ways To Train Your Pomsky

One of the most popular designer breeds in dogs today is the pomsky. A mix of husky and Pomeranian, the pomsky is a cute and cuddly dog that is sought after by individuals from around the world.



The pomsky has traits of both the husky and the Pomeranian which means a puppy will be strong-willed and require training. The puppy needs to exercise regularly and will want to be active. When you purchase a pomsky, you will need to take action to train your dog so the puppy knows who is in control. By properly training your new pooch, you can rest assured the dog will be well-behaved and a joy to be around. Below are a few tips on how you can easily train your pomsky puppy for a better behaved and loving dog.

Crate Training

Crate training is a common option used to train puppies, including pomsky. You can easily train your puppy to behave by using the crate training method. To begin, you will need to purchase a crate and place the crate in a safe place. There should be no drafts and the space should be comfortable, not located near an air conditioner or a heater. You want the crate to be close to your family and make sure the crate is the right size, not too small or large.

Place your puppy in the crate at meal time and bed time. Once your pomsky begins to whine or acts restless in the crate, you will need to remove the puppy from the crate. Use words to guide your pup to an area for bathroom purposes. Once the puppy uses the bathroom, a reward is in order. A treat or love can be used to show your puppy they are doing the right action. By four to six months of age, your puppy will be trained and ready to act accordingly.

Preventing Biting

Biting is an issue you will want to take care of with your pomsky from the beginning. This can be difficult but with patience and your time, the puppy will be loving without biting you or anyone else. Puppies will want to play and have fun, especially with other dogs. Be sure to give your pup time to socialize with other pets or dogs in your area. As your puppy plays with other dogs, biting will occur. This will help your puppy learn the limits of biting based on the way the other dogs act when they bite them.

If you find that your puppy continues to bite they may need toys to chew and play with. Teach your puppy that there are only certain things, like toys that they are allowed to bite. Finger and toe biting should be redirected to the toys you have purchased.


You can easily become annoyed with your pomsky when they are constantly howling or whining. To stop this behavior, place the puppy in a crate or area where they will be confined. When the puppy begins to whine, do not react. Teach the puppy that this behavior is not rewarded with attention. If the pup continues with the noise, they are not ready to be alone. Spend more time with your puppy until they feel more comfortable on their own.


You want your pomsky to be obedient. Repetition is a key factor. You need to repeat certain commands such as roll over, shake, sit, etc. and then reward the puppy for their behavior. Commands will help to teach your dog proper behavior so they can act properly on command as directly by you.


Leash Pulling

Leash training is a common method of training your puppy. The first step is to find a suitable leash. Too loose or too tight will not work. Place the lease on the puppy, and then hold your puppy on the leash where the sidewalk ends. Place a treat at the end of the walk. You can then begin walking to the treat. Once the puppy pulls on the leash, say the word ‘NO’ and then walk again from the beginning of the pathway. As the puppy begins to work towards the treat, reward them with another treat for good behavior.