A pomsky is one of the cutest designer dogs that is being bred today, with individuals seeking out top breeders to have an authentic Pomeranian husky mix. The small dog is ideal for families as well as individuals who want to enjoy a companion that does not take up much space. The new dog breed works well in any environment as long as you have time and effort you can contribute to the health and well-being of the puppy.

You may be wondering what the ideal weather conditions would be for a pomsky puppy. No matter where you live the puppy will be able to thrive. Even if you live in a colder environment, the pomsky will do well. A Pomeranian and husky are both breeds that originated in the artic, which means they can survive even in the coldest conditions.

Soft and Warm Coat
The pomsky has a soft and long coat that provides warmth even during the harshest conditions. The smaller breed can survive in the winter months even in the coldest of places but it is recommended to keep the pomsky indoors. The small animal can be threatened by larger animals, especially if you live in an environment surrounded by wildlife.

Playful and Good Natured
The pomsky can stay warm by playing as the breed is a playful and good natured animal. Pomsky’s can easily become bored, so playtime is a must. Toys are perfect for helping your pooch warm up and have fun. When a pomsky becomes bored, they can pick up the bad habit of chewing. This can destroy items you have in the home. Keep any valuables out of reach so you do not have to worry about your pomsky chewing on them. Be sure to take the puppy outside at least once a day not only for bathroom breaks but also playtime.

Ideal Living Conditions
The small size of the pomsky means they can live in any environment. From a small apartment to a large home, the pomsky can easily adapt. Even if you live in a warm or colder climate, the puppy can adapt and enjoy spending time with you and your family. Because the fur coat keeps the puppy warm, you will find it sheds easily. This will require more cleanup and grooming on your part as the owner.

Overall, you will enjoy spending time with a new pomsky and love the joy the designer breed can bring to your home.