Dog owners, especially first timers face a dilemma when it comes to whether they should spay or neuter their dog. Throughout the years there have been many different initiatives to educate owners about both surgeries and to try to decrease the number of dogs entering shelters. So you just got your Pomsky and you don’t know whether to go through with the surgery, well lets go through some of the pros and cons.


  • Neutering your pomsky means he wont feel the need to mark his territory as much and in return he will become better behaved.
  • 0% chance of developing testicular cancer.
  • Females cant get pregnant
  • Spaying will prevent uterine infections.
  • If your pomsky is spayed there’s no dealing with false pregnancies.
  • Many areas’ licensing fees are lower for spayed and neutered dogs.







  • vet-symbolObviously with any surgery there’s a risk that something could go wrong however veterinarians
    are highly trained and have performed these surgeries many times before.
  • Spayed females are at risk for developing some types cancer along with joint issues.
  • Neutered males are also at risk for developing certain types of cancer such as hemangiosarcoma.
  • Neutered males are at an increased risk for developing geriatric cognitive impairment.

There are more pros and cons listed, for additional information and advice on whether or not to spay or neuter your pomsky its advised that you talk to you vet!

Let us know what you guys think about this topic and whether or not you’ve spayed or neutered your dog!