So you are considering purchasing a new puppy with a pomsky as the top choice. A pomsky is one of the most popular breed of dogs currently and one that is so cute, you can’t help but want one. But is a pomsky the right puppy for you? There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a pomsky.

You want to learn the important details to ensure that you can provide a comfortable and quality home for a new pomsky puppy. Pomsky stands for a mix of Pomeranian and Husky, and the breed creates a cute and small dog that is easy to maintain. You will see both breed types can be seen in the pomsky with the genetic as well as temperament traits. The unique aspect to this type of dog is that you can see stronger or weaker characteristics of the dog based on the mother and father. You may see stronger husky characteristics in one dog while another might have stronger Pomeranian traits.
Below are a few tips to help you learn more about the pomsky, which can help you determine if this dog breed is the right option for you and your family.

Pomsky Attributes

A feature that is most common with a pomsky is the curved tail. This is noticeable in most breeds. A pomsky is not affected by cold temperatures as it has a thick coat. This can be a beneficial attribute if you live in an area that is commonly at freezing temperatures. Both breeds of dogs of the pomsky are originally from the Arctic so the cold is never a problem.
Since designer dogs have become popular, the pomsky has been classified as a lap dog. The idea is that the puppy is small and cute so it can be carried around in a small carrier and is accepted in restaurants or shopping venues.

It can be hard to find a pure breed pomsky as the dog is so sought after. This of course drives the price of the puppy up, which can make the dog less affordable for most people. The price of purchase usually ranges from $750 to $1,400 and over depending on where you live.
It is rare to find a pomsky in a pet store, so you will have to search to find one. Breeders may offer a waiting list so that you can be added and hopefully be able to purchase a dog once it is born and ready to be separated from its mother. However, this means you could be waiting weeks or months to have a new dog in the home, something certainly worth considering.

Considering Parental Traits

Because a pomsky is created with a Pomeranian and a husky, it is important to consider the individual attributes of each breed. A Pomeranian can be unpredictable and be very active as a puppy. This can lead to bad behavior with your pomsky if the puppy takes after its mom or dad. A Pomeranian will bark which can be annoying if you are not used to a puppy barking at all hours of the day, especially when alerted by visitors.

You do have the option of being strict when raising a pomsky from birth to try and avoid the behavior of a Pomeranian. Exercise will be needed daily, which help to eliminate the overactive energy the dog can can have based on the Pomeranian bloodline. A Pomeranian is not necessarily a family dog and can be better for single individuals. If you have children this should be considered, no matter how cute the pomsky is.